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warm congratulations on "an improved elevator call box" patent obtained by the company

pubdate : 2019-09-17 author : sources : views : 913

on may 29, 2013, "an improved elevator call box" of the company won the "letter of new utility patent" issued by the state intellectual property office. 

  this new utility provides an improved elevator call box, including base plate and surface cover. the surface cover is provided with display panel and call buttons, and features v-type spring piece in the inner side of the surface cover. the base plate is provided with a card slot base corresponding to the v-type spring piece of the surface over. the surface cover clips with the base via the v-type spring piece and card slot. the formation of the above structure can make the installation secure and uneasy to loose. the panel will be free of screws in appearance, looking pretty and neat.  

  the successful application of the new patent was beneficial to the company for giving full play of its own intellectual property advantage of products, forming a constant innovation system and staying ahead of the technology.  

  a new utility patent refers to a new technical plan suitable for utility use based on the shape or structure of the product, or the combination of them, with three major features: novelty, creativity and practicality. the company's attention on patent protection not only protected the company's technological innovation achievements, but also laid foundation for the company's to build itself a "technological innovation" enterprise effective quality improvement and technology innovation would effectively lay a good foundation for the corporate brand, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.