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warm congratulations on the "guangdong provincial trustworthy enterprise" title awarded to the company

pubdate : 2019-09-17 author : sources : views : 775

recently, the administrative bureau for industry and commerce of guangzhou awarded 2012 "guangdong provincial trustworthy enterprise" title to the company in recognition of the remarkable results achieved by the company in contract management system, contract performance ability and corporate social reputation.  

  ever since its inception, rech elevator has adhered to the faith of providing customers with quality products and faithful, fast, accurate and responsible services. "abiding by the contract and operating with good faith" has become part of the enterprise culture of rech elevator. in the formation, performance, modification and termination and other actions of contracts, no modification has been made due to our breach, establishing a good image of integrity. in the credit construction and contract management of the enterprise, we have continuously strengthened the learning of the contract law, the company law and other related laws as well as employee training. we also created a contract management system that consistent with the development of the company through our own understanding and requirements of the related laws. while this contract management system is being continuously improved as the learning and practices go further, each employee has come to aware in the course of production and services that: only operation with good faith can lead to healthy and rapid development, and only by 100% of fulfilling the contract can we stand out in fierce competitions. this awareness has played a key role in the process of performance in good faith.  

  the honor of "guangdong provincial trustworthy enterprise" received this time is an encouragement to us. however, there is still a long way to go. in the future, we will further carry out friendly and honest cooperation with suppliers, cooperative partners and customers, adhere to the concept of integrity, constantly perfect the contract management system, improve the management level of the company, fully upgrade the integrated competitiveness and market image of rech elevator, and establish more normative and harmonious market environment with everyone.